Brief History:

YWCA Tana River is one of the seven Kenya YWCA branches which started in 1980 as a sub-branch of Mombasa Branch. The women were taught income generating activities such as cookery, Bible reading, singing, needle work and other handcrafts.
In 1985, through the effort of Mombasa Branch, YWCA Tana River started training women in leadership Development in Mombasa. In 1988, the mango project took off with training in management of mango tree nursery, picking and packing.
In 1992, the branch was given branch status and separated from Mombasa branch.

Main activities:

Hostel and community Centre: For hosting girls and women during trainings. The branch can accommodate 50 people per night. A conference hall is also available for groups which intend to conduct workshops at an affordable fee.
Primary Health Care programme: This includes education on health and related issues such as water and sanitation, agriculture and nutrition, family life education and child care.
Small enterprise Development:  This addressed women needs for leadership management and business skills development activities. Women in Tana River have now engaged in small enterprise development activities such as baking, poultry keeping, rental houses and mango processing and marketing.
HIV and AIDS: Counseling and support for infected Women as well as providing activities to engage them.
Exchange Programme: Here young women are taken for International exchange programme to learn different cultures, leadership and become independent.
Sexual Reproductive Health: This programme is aimed at enhancing knowledge to the young people and reduce new infections and vulnerability caused by HIV and AIDS.

  1. Through the YWCA intervention programmes the situation of the young women and women has changed compared to the past years. Women from the rural areas have engaged in small enterprise development activities, some groups have rental houses, bee keeping projects, farming project and the Mango demonstration plots.

  2. The word YWCA gave a grant to Maziwa group to put up a Dispensary which will assist the community in Salama Location. The dispensary is in operation helping community members.

  3. Kitere Women group got a Boat and engine from YM/YWCA Sweden this was donated to them for easy transport.
    Through the leadership trainings and business management trainings, women in Tana River have taken up leadership roles in different committees. They have gained skills in operating their own businesses since YWCA has trained them how to analyze their business costs.

  4. The rate of dependency has decreased; the women have become responsible and can support their homes.
    The YWCA has supported the young girls who are members from the branch by engaging them in exchange programmes in Sweden and Norway.

  5. The youth have been enrolled in skills trainings. As a result of this some of them have been employed in Government ministries while some are self-employed.

  6. The women have gained skills in funds mobilization from other NGO, Government offices for expansion of project.
    The construction of the community center is also an achievement. The branch is able to host workshops at the community Centre and also hire the conference hall at a fee.

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