Project Title: The Road towards an HIV free Society –Global Fund Round 10 HIV Grant

This is an HIV prevention programme targeting the general population and People Living with HIV (PLHIV) Nyamira district.

The Approach:

  1. Giving various services to women, men and young people including the ones living with HIV.
  2. Training Community Health Volunteers (CHV)
  3. Referring pregnant mothers to hospitals and for deliveries,
  4. VCT outreaches and providing health talks


  1. Trained 78 Newly-recruited Community Health Volunteers (CHVs)
  2. Engaged 129 Community Health Volunteers (CHVs)
  3. Conducted 54 sessions in 6 Health facilities ,
  4. Conducted 54 health talk-sessions meetings to 6 health facilities
  5. 341 pregnant mothers were recruited for safe deliveries in hospital
  6. 199 hospital deliveries were reported
  7. 2,199 home visits to various beneficiaries advising them on positive living and referral services was recorded