Project Title: State Of The African Woman Campaign (SOAW)

Project Title: Young Women Championing Access to SRHR and HIV Services in Kenya

Project Title: Employment Creation Project

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Project Title: South Sudan Peace Project

Project Title: Giving Hope Youth Empowerment Programme

Project Title: Youth Employability Empowerment Programme 

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Project Title: The Road towards an HIV free Society –Global Fund Round 10 HIV Grant

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Project Title: Youth Employability Empowerment Programme

The Youth Employability Empowerment Programme (YEEP) was stated in April 2015 to provide youth out of school and drop outs with skills that can enable them get employment or be self-employed. It involve taking the youth through vocational course training in Hospitality for a period of four to five moths including industrial attachment.

The Approach

  1. Increase employment opportunities among the youths.
  2. Young people to be able to participate in their own development and the communities through entrepreneurship ventures.
  3. Reduced cases of social misbehavior among the youths.


  1. A total of seven youth from the programme have been able to get employment in various Hotels across the country including Safari Park and Massai Mara Hotel.
  2. Two youth are currently pursuing further education in Hospitality at Utalii Collage to build on the foundation that they obtained from the programme.
  3. One youth joined Egerton University and at the same time employed by the college at the college Hotel heading bakery section.
  4. Two youths are undertaking their personal business
  5. One youth is operating an outside catering services from the skills obtained from the programme