Project Title: State Of The African Woman Campaign (SOAW)

Project Title: Young Women Championing Access to SRHR and HIV Services in Kenya

Project Title: Employment Creation Project

Project Title: Koteyo Water Project – H2O Energies

Project Title: South Sudan Peace Project

Project Title: Giving Hope Youth Empowerment Programme

Project Title: Youth Employability Empowerment Programme 

Project Title: Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) Programme

Project Title: FGM Legislation Project

Project Title: The Road towards an HIV free Society –Global Fund Round 10 HIV Grant

Project Title: Exchange Programmes

Project Title: Christian Emphasis

Project Title: South Sudan Peace Project

The YWCA of Kenya has been providing safe space for South Sudanese living in Diaspora in Kenya to meet and seek ways of contributing to the peace process aimed at promoting peace in South Sudan as well as rebuilding and transforming the country.

The Approach

  1. Capacity building workshops
  2. Civil society meetings
  3. Engaging the South Sudan Embassy
  4. Peace and prayer meetings
  5. Use of creative arts by young people to promote peace


  1. Space provided for meetings and forums
  2. Youth engagement in the arts for peace
  3. Enhanced cultural tolerance through cultural days
  4. Over 200 South Sudanese participating in the activities at YWCA