Project Title: State Of The African Woman Campaign (SOAW)

Project Title: Young Women Championing Access to SRHR and HIV Services in Kenya

Project Title: Employment Creation Project

Project Title: Koteyo Water Project – H2O Energies

Project Title: South Sudan Peace Project

Project Title: Giving Hope Youth Empowerment Programme

Project Title: Youth Employability Empowerment Programme 

Project Title: Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) Programme

Project Title: FGM Legislation Project

Project Title: The Road towards an HIV free Society –Global Fund Round 10 HIV Grant

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Project Title: Christian Emphasis

Project Title: Christian Emphasis

The organization foundation is built on strong Christian beliefs and Christian emphasis is integrated as part of its programming. The team develops spiritual development programs and services to encourage fellowship and spiritual growth among members and staff.

The Approach

  1. Establishing vibrant Christian Emphasis Committees at National and Branch levels
  2. Integration of faith and work
  3. Promoting evangelism and discipleship
  4. Promoting prayer, fellowship and worship
  5. Developing IEC materials on Christian emphasis activities
  6. Establishing a YWCA choir.


  1. Participation in leading weekly devotion and Monday prayer meetings across all branches
  2. Community outreach to the less privileged, the sick and those in correctional facilities.
  3. The committee also supports members for prayers and encouragement during their time of need.
  4. Successfully conducting the annual YWCA/YMCA week of prayer