Project Title: State Of The African Woman Campaign (SOAW)

Project Title: Young Women Championing Access to SRHR and HIV Services in Kenya

Project Title: Employment Creation Project

Project Title: Koteyo Water Project – H2O Energies

Project Title: South Sudan Peace Project

Project Title: Giving Hope Youth Empowerment Programme

Project Title: Youth Employability Empowerment Programme 

Project Title: Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) Programme

Project Title: FGM Legislation Project

Project Title: The Road towards an HIV free Society –Global Fund Round 10 HIV Grant

Project Title: Exchange Programmes

Project Title: Christian Emphasis

Project Title: Exchange Programmes

A. Youth Exchange Programmes

The YWCA has been participating in two youth exchange programmes, Communication for Change -CFC funded through the YWCA/YMCA of Norway and Young Peace Performers YPP funded by Y-Global Norway.
Participation by youth in these two programmes is rotational with each branch having an opportunity to participate. A total number of 15 young people participated in the exchange programmes 9 from Kenya and 4 from Norway and 2 from Madagascar. The team of young people travel to host countries which include, Kenya, South Sudan, Tanzania, Zambia, South Africa, Zambia, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Palestine and Norway.

The Approach

  1. One on one institutional or family hosting
  2. Travel campaign tours
  3. Advocacy campaigns for peace, social and economic justice
  4. Shows and performances
  5. Intercultural learning
  6. Subject to citizen training


  1. Skill building in leadership and advocacy
  2. Intercultural learning
  3. Movement building
  4. Youth involvement in global advocacy
  5. 0ver 30 YWCA youth have participated in the exchange programs

B. FK Exchange

This is a professional exchange programme that was initially targeted as policy campaign under the FGM project. The exchange programme period is usually for one year, YWCA Kenya sends out a Kenyan from one of the YWCA branches after successful interviews and receives a Norwegian from Norway.

The Approach

  1. Attending and facilitating in stakeholders meetings
  2. Trainings in schools on Anti FGM and SRHR
  3. Campaigns/research on Anti FGM and SRHR
  4. Office administrative work
  5. Carry out advocacy forums


  1. An opportunity for the beneficiary branch to gain expertise, new ideas from the FK-Exchange staff
  2. Knowledge for the youth on Anti FGM and SRHR