The YWCA being a women’s and youth membership organization focuses on addressing the needs of young women, girls and women through diverse empowerment initiatives in its programmatic interventions. Programmes therefore make up a key core area of focus of the YWCA as embedded in the principles of the early beginning of the organization.

Over the years the YWCA has therefore set up mechanisms at community levels through the existing Branch networks to address arising issues and needs through varied empowerment programmes focusing on women’s groups, in and out of school programmes, safe space activities and general community development.

In its programmatic interventions the YWCA recognizes the societal factors that contribute to the negative SRH outcomes such as cultural practices that include FGM, taboos, beliefs and ignorance and takes this into consideration while developing need based interventions for young women, girls and women.

The YWCA also uses the safe space model through an integrated programmatic approach aimed at changing attitudes and beliefs while at the same time building a strong movement of young women leaders who undergo training in leadership, advocacy and peer education to enable them be advocates on the identified issues. Through this model, intergenerational dialogue and communication is promoted to enable mentoring. A strong network of young women leaders has been built across the country giving them confidence to be catalysts of change to make an impact in their local communities.