The YWCA programmes are categorized to address the unique needs of each group of young women. These include;


    1. Y-Kids Programme

This is an in school programme working with young children between the ages of 7-12 recruited through the national school system and churches. The content of the programme aims at engaging children in their formative years to enable them have firm foundation and values.

    1. Y-Teens - Adolescents Programme

The Y-teens programme targets adolescents and teens between the ages of 13-19 through in school interventions. The programme aims to holistically empower girls in the aspects of health, education, leadership and mentoring, life skills, financial literacy and human rights in order to build character, competence and confidence. The strategy of engagement is largely based on a peer to peer approach.

    1. School Leavers Programme

The school leavers’ programme is open to girls who are transiting from secondary school to university, college or work. The programme includes opportunities that expand life experiences and promotes personal growth among the young women and girls providing positive role models and examples of young female leadership alongside mentors of different ages.

    1. Youth Employability Programme

Over the past one decade, the issue of youth employment has gained growing prominence as a key agenda of the Kenyan government due to the high rate of unemployment amongst the youth. Many young people have no skills to earn a living and often find themselves idle and risk getting involved in high risk behavior including crime, drug/alcohol abuse, commercial sex work, HIV/AIDS, unwanted pregnancies etc. Through this programme the YWCA assists young people who have dropped out of school for varied reasons to identify alternative livelihoods. The organization also assists young people get internships and apprentice opportunities to sharpen their skills and craft.

    1. International Programme

This is a programme that promotes intercultural exchange, expansion of knowledge, trade and tourism opportunities by bridging the global divide and contributing towards the creation of global citizenship.

    1. Women’s Programme

Even though women form a majority of the Kenyan population 51% and play an active role in the development of the society, the country remains very patriarchal and male dominance still prevails in many aspects of life. This situation is reinforced by social-cultural, economic and political factors resulting in the continued marginalization and discrimination of women. The YWCA realizes the need to build the capacities of women as individuals as well as to be active participants in development and nation building. The programme targets women 30 years and above at community and urban levels. The programme content varies according to the needs of the women and includes rights education, functional literacy, entrepreneurship, women and ICT, violence against women, health and wellness etc.

    1. Membership Programme

The YWCA is a membership organization and has activities tailor made for the different categories of members.