Categories, charges and benefits

Junior Membership

This category is for children of ages 7 to17 years of age.

Fees: Ksh 500Package: Side bags, water bottles, t-shirts, wrist band and card

Benefit: Participate in Y kids and Y teens clubs in schools, holiday camps, volunteer as a peer educator, participate in exchange programmes, mentorship and coaching

Young women membership

This category is for young women of ages 18 – 30 years.

Fees: Ksh 1000Package: A bag, T-shirt, card

Benefit: Volunteer in YWCA community work, eligible for YWCA school leavers, women empowerment, employability , international, leadership development and mentorship programmes

Associate membership

This category is for male individuals and non christian men and women who are above 18years.

Fees: Ksh 1,000

Package: T-shirt, lapel pin and a cardBenefit: Volunteer in YWCA community work, employability and international programmes.

Life membership

Open to all Christian women and men who have been members for the past one year and contributed to the work of YWCA with the spirit of volunteership.

Fees: Ksh 10,000Package:

Certificate, T-shirts, YWCA branded accessories and a card

Benefit : Discounted YWCA services in the suites, conference facilities, hostels and engagement in YWCA community work.
Full membershipThis shall be open to all Christian women who are above 30 years

Fees: Ksh 1,500Package: Certificate, a bag, lapel pin, T-shirt and a cardBenefit: Participate in women empowerment, employability and international programmes

Honorary Membership

This category comprises members who have offered exceptional services and added value to the entire YWCA fraternity. They are respected and highly valued in terms of their opinion and guidance to the organization. They are chosen by the YWCA board for recognition as honorary members.

In a ceremony organized for such recognition they are offered the following as part of appreciating their contribution:Package: A plaque, certificate, branded accesories or any other item as may be recommended by the board.