Project Title: Koteyo Water Project – H2O Energies

This is a project under which the YWCA is partnering with H2O energies in Geneva to provide clean, safe, piped water to communities in South Asembo to reduce the amount of time spent by women fetching water, thus reducing their workload, minimize incidences of cholera, since this prevented children from attending school limiting their educational growth. The project also generates minimal income through selling of water to sustain project needs such as pipe replacements, repairs at the pump house and security.

The Approach

  1. Establishment of a water committee to ensure community involvement
  2. Digging and laying pipes to schools and surrounding communities
  3. Construction of a pump house
  4. Purchase and installing of pipes, pumps and purifier
  5. Partnership with Lake Victoria Water Board


  1. Clean piped water sold to the communities at the pump house
  2. Water Committee consisting of local community overseeing and addressing arising issues of the water project
  3. Reduction in water borne diseases as a result of provision of clean water
  4. Women freed from time consuming chore of collecting water and able to engage in other development and empowerment programmes
  5. Advocacy through the County Ward Representatives office for fund allocation opportunities