Main Activities:
1. YOUNG Women Championing Access to SRHR and HIV/AIDS Services
  • Capacity building trainings for Peer educators, Young Women Champions and safe space leaders
  • Supporting Peer Education Community outreached by Youth/ Peer Educators
  • Creation and supporting safe spaces for the youths (Youth Friendly Centres)
  • Skills development by providing vocational courses to teenage mothers
  • Holding stakeholders’ forums for review and evaluation
2. Youth Employability Empowerment Programme (YEEP)
  • Continuous mobilization/ recruitment of programme beneficiaries
  • Formal classes and mentorship talks
  • Conducting practical sessions by the students on food and beverage production, service, housekeeping and front office management
  • Field exposure visits to hotels around Kisumu.  
  • Networking and collaboration with partners in Hospitality industry
3. Membership recruitment
  • Regular membership drive – recruitment and renewal
  • Regular compilation of membership data
4. Christian Emphasis
  • Weekly Monday morning devotion.
  • Joint devotion between staff and members.
  • Networking with partners for prayer meetings and fellowship (YMCA).
5. Participation in marking international and events
  • International Women’s Day (IWD)
6. Internship programmes
  • Follow up on intern Community outreaches
7. Service oriented programme
  • Hostels and Conference facilities.
  • Cafeteria for delicious and affordable meals.
  • Compound and venue meetings

Contacts: Telephone Number:

Capacity building training for the youth Peer Educators.        Hostel Facility
Visit to Kodiaga women Prison in Kisumu for prayers and counseling as well as distribution of food to the inmates.

YEEP students during their graduation.                              Election of branch officials

Weekly morning devotion by staffs and members.          Peer Education outreach activities.

YEEP students during their F&B production practical
IMG_1081            IMG_1115
Photos of Child therapy and outreach for under 12 yrs at Deliverance church respectively.