Jane Ndanyi

Message from the Chairperson, Jane Ndanyi


The Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) of Kenya, is known as a women's Christian membership organization working to improve the lives of women and girls. Being membership and volunteer based the organization works on the premise that everyone has something to give and to gain from sharing with others. YWCA's educational and community based programs are evidence of the outreach work the organization does emphasizing on the development of sustainable societies, within our geographical areas of coverage contributing to the overall development goals of the country in line with the vision 2030.

The fact that the YWCA is a young women's organization also ensures that young people's needs and concerns are addressed. The youth have the opportunity to undergo a process of transformation based on Christian values at community and organizational levels. It is the responsibility of the YWCA leadership to ensure that space for young women is created in order to mentor and nurture them to take up leadership within the different governance structures of the organization providing them with an extraordinary experience. We also acknowledge the extra ordinary founding members of the YWCA who took the first steps to build this safe haven for women and girls and made it the circle of sisterhood it is today we recognize their skills and remarkable generosity, sharing both their time and their spirit.

The organization is counting on the membership to contribute towards repositioning it for sustainability and an exciting landscape for program development and institutional growth. We also thank the partners that continue to stand by the YWCA, supporting and contributing towards efforts to grow the organization and increase program impact at the community level.

Moving forward let us all play our part in making sure we make our organization meet its vision by encouraging more members and especially the young women to join and contribute effectively. We will continue to make membership drives in order to recruit more members and let the young girls and women play a crucial role as policy makers. Creating safe space for girls and women is vital!


Irene Kizito

Message from the National General Secretary, Irene Kizito


The Association has remained true to its objectives and has continued to support programmes that promote sustainability of fulfillment of basic needs. Over 15,000 girls and women were encouraged to participate in various programmes and projects that we have been implementing in the past two years. The YWCA through its branch networks in; Nairobi, Meru, Mombasa, Tana River, Kisii Kisumu and Siaya continued to impact the lives of young women, girls and communities through various programme components stemmed from the 5 key thematic areas of focus mainly: Young Women's Leadership Development, Education, Health, Social and Economic Empowerment, Advocacy for Women and Girls Rights.

The YWCA continues to uphold Christian principles in conducting its business; a National Christian Emphasis Committee was established and will continue to give spiritual guidance in all aspects of the organization. YWCA being a membership organization; recruitment and development of members continued to be a priority area which saw the Branches and National Office make effort to attract new members to the organizations through innovative activities.

The Association provides services including safe accommodation in our branches and hostels. Young people are able to access vocational skills training at the different YWCA centers as well as skills building through different community forums. We are honored to build a strong partnership with development partners, schools, churches and World YWCA that enabled great outcomes. Some of the partners include NORAD, YGLOBAL, YWCA/YMCA Norway, HIVOS, FK, H2O Energies, USAID, and FEED THE MINDS among others.

The Association further continues to mitigate sustainability challenges by initiating activities that saw improvement in managing facilities. Plans are underway to develop new investment.

We believe all this is possible with the staff, members and volunteer working tirelessly to enable the organization meet its strategic objectives and believing in creating a safe space for the young girls and women.