Project Title: Giving Hope Youth Empowerment Programme

The program is being implemented in Kisumu county, Nyanza region in Kenya. As from December 2014. The branch has so far reached 45 youth caregiver households including 96 children (OVC) in manyatta slums which have 7 core sub-units. 45 House hold youth have been mobilized to form 3 youth working groups.

The Approach

  1. Mobilization, need assessment and identification of youth caregivers
  2. Peer education training to 35 youths
  3. Peace building and conflict management training
  4. Entrepreneurship and Business management training
  5. OVCs Get together


  1. 30 youths equipped with Knowledge and skills in Peer Education
  2. 2 youth Working Groups are in the process of registering with the ministry of Gender and Social Development to be in a position to mobilize their own resources for sustainability.
  3. Increased sense of belonging and free sharing among the OVCs. This can be seen during their meetings and when conducting group activities.
  4. Youth caregivers have formulated and documented their dreams while some have already identified some of the talents that they have which earlier they didn’t know i.e. acting etc
  5. Increased commitment and working group meeting attendance and participation by the youth caregivers.
  6. The youth caregivers have benefited from other outreach activities and trainings e.g. Psycho – Social training, peer education, peace building, business skills training and get together meeting etc
  7. Mentors and opinion leaders have known their roles from the orientation of the giving hope methodology and are helping the youth caregiver OVC’s to grow up as responsible people in the community.