Project Title: FGM Legislation Project

The project is funded by Y Global and specifically looks at the legislative component of FGM in Kenya and Tanzania. It aims at sensitizing communities on the existing legal frameworks put in place to end the practice such as the Kenyan Constitution, Children’s Act, Sexual Offences Act and the Prohibition of Female Genital mutilation Act.

Girls Empowerment to Fight Harmful Traditional Practices
Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) continues to be a serious social and health problem which poses a great risk to girls and women. The practice has led to physical injuries, death, emotional stress and psychological suffering, complications during child birth for women, infections caused by lack of sterilized equipment including transmission of various infections such as including HIV, early marriage of young girls and termination of their formal education. The project has been successful in sensitizing members of community in Maasai, Meru, Kisii and environs on the dangers of FGM and other harmful practices.

The Approach:

The following approaches were carried out during campaigns to say No to FGM

  1. Education through community mobilization
  2. Legislation against harmful traditional practices
  3. Conducting alternative of rites passage
  4. Economic empowerment through training of savings and investment groups and peacemakers groups
  5. Carry out Y peer clubs in schools within the target areas


  1. Over 6000 people reached with information on the effects of FGM and the legal implications as per the FGM ACT in the community
  2. 312 girls underwent ARP training sessions.
  3. 1,600 fliers distributed
  4. 2,500 copies of FGM Act distributed.
  5. 250 youths were trained and sensitized on the FGM act.
  6. Trained chiefs in Kisii, Kajiado and Meru continued to disseminate information against FGM to the public through baraza and taking legal action on the perpetrators.
  7. 710 girls and women have been trained on leadership skills.
  8. 21 Y-teens clubs (579 girls) were formed in schools and providing them with relevant materials for discussions.
  9. In partnership with the office of the first lady Kisii county Government a Young women’s conference bringing together a total of over 200 participants was conducted at Kisii university grounds.
  10. Three documentation done on anti-FGM with Mwanyagetinge TV and 3 publications on The Standard, Daily Nation and The Star in Kisii.
  11. Peacemakers groups from Nairobi and Kisii participate in EAC tournament in Tanzania.