Project Title: Employment Creation Project

YWCA, Nairobi branch in partnership with NACADA, a government agency, implemented Youth employment creation project whose main goal was to improve the integration of out-of-school high risk young people into paid and self-employment sector through skills building programmes.

The programmes that run for three month and thereafter attach trainees for another three months in working environment, assist young people to gain work experience in the private sector in Kenya. The programme was implemented in Nairobi and Kitui counties.

The Approach

  1. Media campaigns
  2. Vocational skills training (especially to vulnerable youth through the support of the private sector in the apprenticeship program).
  3. Adult literacy classes
  4. Training on job searching skills
  5. Counselling skills
  6. Training on financial and business management skills
  7. Linkages for the youth to credit providers
  8. Constituency youth outreach programmes.


  1. 100 young people participated in employment creation initiatives.
  2. Increased employment rate of the trained youth; both in self & formal sector.
  3. Improved employable skills for the young people who were targeted.
  4. Increased access to affordable credit to young people through creation of linkages to MFIs.
  5. Rehabilitation of youth addicted to Alcohol and Drug abuse.
  6. Creation of a hair dressing school at the Branch facility