The Young Women’s Christian Association of Kenya, (YWCA Kenya) was founded in 1912. Based on its Christian faith, the Association seeks to improve the living conditions of women and girls and is aimed at addressing health, water, sanitation, and human rights. The YWCA’s sustainability strategy includes the provision of services that generate income through provision of accommodation, hostels, catering and conferencing services.

The YWCA has a strategically located Cafeteria with great potential to attract clientele from the YWCA and the University hostels, Park View Suites as well as the surrounding offices. It is located along Mamlaka road opposite AON Kenya close to the Serena Hotel.


Request for proposal (RFP) is here by invited by the Young Women’s Christian Association of Kenya (YWCA Kenya) from the interested parties for leasing of Cafeteria.

The goals of the YWCA Kenya in issuing this Request for Proposals include the following:

  1. To ensure a quality food service with reasonable prices at this high profile YWCA Kenya facility.
  2. To offer the best quality customer service to the hostel residents, the public and the employees at the YWCA Kenya.

For more information regarding this opportunity, interested parties are encouraged to meet with YWCA Kenya staff at the site for a tour of the facility.


a)      Lease Term

The term of the lease will be for a minimum of two years, which may be extended if the lessee is in full compliance with the terms of the lease and upon the mutual agreement of the YWCA Kenya and the lessee.

b)     Hours of operation

At a minimum, the business shall be open from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

c)      Utilities

The proposer will be responsible for the cost of the refuse, water, gas, and electricity serving the leased space. The proposer should be committed to energy conservation and shall be expected to cooperate with reasonable energy conservation practices.

d)      Subleasing

The selected proposer SHALL NOT enter into any subleases.

e)      Maintenance/Janitorial Service

The selected proposer will provide normal janitorial service by maintaining the cleanliness of the floors, walls, ceilings and windows in the facility. The selected proposer shall be expected to keep the kitchen, food preparation and serving areas clean, sanitary and free from refuse and debris at all times in compliance with health department food service standards.

f)       Maintenance/Fixtures and Equipment

The selected proposer will be responsible for maintaining the equipments and kitchen fixtures in the cafeteria and shall be responsible for, maintaining any small wares and equipment required by their operation.

g)      Financial Objectives

 The selected proposer must have financial capacity to ensure uninterrupted service delivery to the public and the employees who patronize the facility.

h)     Other terms and conditions include;

1)&nbsp Proposer should equip himself /herself with all the permits, License and other relevant requirements for the operation of the Cafeteria

2)   Proposer should adhere to all the safety guidelines and norms in running the cafeteria.

3)   The proposer should/will be responsible for cleaning and regular upkeep of the premises.

4)   No liquor items will be provided/ served in the Cafeteria.

5)   The selected proposer will have to sign a Lease agreement with the YWCA Kenya before operation of the Cafeteria.

6)   The proposer will be required to consult the National General Secretary, YWCA Kenya before advertising anything related to the Cafeteria in the print media.


The proposers will be required to submit the following;

  1. The proposed menu with pricing.
  2. The proposer’s history of experience in managing cafeterias.
  3. The proposer should demonstrated ability to pay monthly rent in accordance with a lease agreement.


The key dates and information are as below:

  1. Address for submission of Request for Proposals The National General Secretary  YWCA KENYA , Post Box-40710-00100  Nairobi
  2. Date & time for receipt of Request for Proposals is latest by 12.00 noon on 17th August 2018.

Required information about proposer:

a)      Name of proposer:

b)      Present Address: Tel No. (with code)/Mobile number and the email address.

c)      Registration details with documentary evidence (or equivalent certificate).

d)     Brief organizational profile.

The Request for Proposal should be submitted to the YWCA National Headquarters, Nyerere Road in a sealed envelope marked “Request for Proposal for YWCA Cafeteria” addressed to the National General Secretary YWCA, P.O BOX 40710-00100-Nairobi.


All response documents become the property of the YWCA Kenya. Information provided will be kept confidential to the extent permitted by law.


The YWCA Kenya reserves the right to withdraw this Request for Proposals at any time without prior notice. The YWCA Kenya, at its own discretion has the right to accept or reject any proposals made in this context.