An inclusive society where girls and young women actualize their potentials and live fulfilled lives.


Based on its Christian faith, The Association, a not-for-profit making and volunteer membership organization exists to develop the leadership and collective power of women and girls to achieve social and economic empowerment, human rights, health, security, dignity, freedom, justice, peace and sustainable environment for all humanity.


The Association values shall be built on its history and foundation in Christian faith, worldwide solidarity, diversity, inclusiveness, mutual tolerance and mutual respect, integrity, and responsible accountability.


  1. To build a fellowship of women and girls devoted to the task of realizing those ideals of all aspects of human life;
  2. To support programmes that promotes sustainability and fulfilment of basic needs amongst women and girls;
  3. To assist and encourage women and girls to participate in projects and programmes aimed at raising their educational, social, health and economic standards, to enable them to effectively play their rightful role in the effort of Nation Building;
  4. To provide services such as hostels, community centres, nursery schools and Vocational Training Centres and any other service as per The Association’s mission;
  5. To develop partnerships and collaborate with organizations and institutions whose work and programmes wholly or partially support the objectives of The Association; and,
  6. To cooperate with other National YWCA’s in matters of common interest and to interpret the policies of YWCA and effectively participate in their programmes.